About TPI

About TPI

The Timothy Program is a distance learning, directed Bible college curriculum. All undergraduate (Tracks One and Two) and postgraduate programs are accredited by: Accrediting Commission International.

Track One is a 3-year, 12-quarter course of study covering important themes of the Bible. It is a Bible college program designed to raise up “priests” in the home, provide curriculum for “home-schoolers” and train Church leaders world-wide for ministry. Paying tuition and passing the eight quarter exams for Track One, offers an Associate of Biblical Studies degree. Paying tuition and passing the twelve quarter exams for Track One, offers a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree.

Track Two is a 4-year, 8-semester course of Bible study which prepares individuals for teaching ministries. Track Two offers: a “Diploma of Theology” for completing one year; an “Associate of Theology” for completing two years; a “Graduate of Theology” (required for licensing into ministry) for completing three years; and, a”Bachelor of Theology” (required for ordination into ministry) for completing four years. This program is designed to prepare students for pastoring and teaching in colleges and seminaries.

Postgraduate Programs are fully accredited 3-year research programs offering “Master” and “Doctoral” degrees in “Biblical Studies” and “Theology.” These graduate degrees are designed to publish each student’s work in their own country. It is a program designed to equip ministers for leadership.

Inside the United States of America, the Timothy Program is also a school of discipline for the Biblical Life College and Seminary of Marshfield, Missouri. Through BLCS, Levels Two and Three are accredited by: American Federation of Christian Colleges and Schools; The Western Collegium of Bible Schools; and, Accrediting Commission International.

The Timothy Program’s distinctiveness among Bible colleges and Bible schools is that it is home-based, international and Hebraically based in study method, subject material and professors. The Timothy Program believes that the Bible should be studied in its original languages, culture, geography and history. The Timothy Program in no way discriminates in regard to ethnic origins, culture or financial matters. We offer our curriculum as a fountain of living water to all levels of interest. Our goal is the restoration of the family. We love and value the entire family of God!

“Scripture Interprets Scripture”
The Timothy Program “Homiletic” (Preparation & Delivery of Sermons)

The Timothy Program takes it’s “homiletic” (presentation of God’s Word to God’s people) from Ecclesiastes 12:9-14. We believe with Solomon that the conclusion of the whole matter is to “Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.” Therefore, we train our students to make their preparation and delivery of God’s Word conform to God’s requirements. The Timothy Program prepares students to deliver God’s Word in a manner which motivates (goads) God’s people into action while at the same time making them feel secure (firmly embedded nails). The Timothy Program believes that Jesus is God’s Word and that all Scripture, both the First Covenant and the Second Covenant, is Divinely inspired and authored by God’s Holy Spirit. Therefore, all lessons taught by any man from God’s Word have been given to that man by one Shepherd– the LORD Himself. Nothing should be added or taken away (Deuteronomy 4:2; 12:32). In that spirit, we train our students to present God’s Word according to the outline of Ecclesiastes 12:9-12.