Tithing Series


By: Karl. D. Coke, Ph.D.

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By: Karl D. Coke, Ph. D.

This is an exhaustive study into God’s principles of sowing and reaping as found in the Bible. Scripture is given to show how man should handle his increase, his tithe, and his thanksgiving. The way a man deals with money reveals his heart. (12 titles: God’s Purpose in Tithing, Tithe Defined, #1 Work, #2 Set Aside Firstfruits, #3 Go, #4 Declare to Man of God, #5 Surrender God’s Tithe, #6 Declare Before the Lord Your God, #7 Humble Yourself Before God, #8 Rejoice Over the Good God Gives, #9 Give God’s Tithe to Man of God, #10 Declare to the Lord Your God) Tithing is a difficult subject for many – but its not what God wants FROM you, its what God wants FOR you…and He loves a cheerful giver! This is now available for digital download.