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By: Karl D. Coke, Ph. D.

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By: Karl D. Coke, Ph. D.

This is Dr. Coke’s most popular and well-known series to date. This series dives deep and takes words found in the New Testament which are Hebrew in origin, and gives their Old Testament meanings. This series will help explain the “untranslatable” words in the New Testament and bring the Old and New cohesively together. Learning about Jewish culture and spiritual practices are important steps to understand the times of Jesus and the Jewish roots of Christianity. (10 titles: Messiah (Christ), El Shaddai (God Almighty), Hem of the Garment (Tallith), Torah (Law), Corban (Gift), Hosanna (God Save Us), Emmanuel (God With Us), Grapes Pomegranates & Figs (Blessings), Tabernacle, Shimon Cephas (Simon Peter)) Old series now available for Digital Download!

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