I Will vs. I Am


By: Karl D. Coke, Ph. D.

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By: Karl D. Coke, Ph. D.

This is an hour and a half in-depth teaching. Dr. Coke shares the Hebrew meaning of God’s name “I AM” in a sobering and awakening way. In this teaching message you will learn: 1) I AM wins over I will (our will) every time, 2) The 5 “I will’s” Satan said found in Isaiah 14:12-15, 3) From the Garden to today, the “I Will” mindset in religion, trying to be god and control our own destinations our way – and how we should be allowing I AM to show up in our lives to know Him for Who He Is (all that we need) and do what He says to do! 4) The importance of one piece of real estate on the earth – the Temple Mount, and 5) Jesus told His disciples in Matt 24:15 who to be looking for standing in the Holy Place – the anti-christ. This is just the tip of what Dr. Coke shares in this message of God – I AM whatever you need! Be changed and allow I AM to come and rule and reign in your heart afresh as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

GREAT teaching!