A Proper Education


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By: Karl. D. Coke, Ph.D.

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By: Karl. D. Coke, Ph.D.

This fully-documented book presents the Bible mandate for education, the problems in education caused by secular humanism, and how to put God back in education. It clearly presents a solution to stop faith-based universities from sliding down the “slippery-slope” of secularization. This book is also a “clarion-call” to all believing Christians and Jews to develop a new curriculum with the Torah (Bible) embedded in every discipline. This book is a “must-read” for prospective college or university students, their parents and grandparents. It should be read by every politician, minister and educator in the world. Something must be done about the decline in education and A Proper Education shows the way! Visit www.apropereducation.com for more info about this great must-have book!

339 pages – hardcover