About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

“Study to show thyself approved unto God….” 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV

AndyBooks is devoted to providing quality, affordable Bible studies books and various original products. We are proud to offer materials by Karl D. Coke, Ph.D., a Hebrew scholar who has dedicated his life to teaching the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. These in-depth study materials and teaching CDs and DVDs are only available through AndyBooks. To learn more about Dr. Coke visit karlcoke.com. We also provide course materials for The Timothy Program International students (for website click here) and Biblical Life College & Seminary students (Missouri). Through our many products, we hope to spread joy and provide information for those who seek to know more about our wonderful Creator. We believe knowing and sharing God is exciting and fun and therefore, try to provide materials and a website that you will not only gain valuable information from, but will undoubtedly enjoy! Happy

About Andy and AndyBooks

My friends call me Andy, but my real name is Anderson. I am a Chihuahua and I was born here in North Carolina in 1998.  I enjoy having my picture taken, as you can see, and I hope you enjoy my website! My sister Lacey is the white Chihuahua you see time to time.

In October of 2000 my Mom Kristin Coke and two of her friends decided to form a partnership and begin an online bookstore and more! At first they didn’t know what to call the site, but through careful pleading I convinced them to name it after me. After all, everyone I meet thinks I am so cute and loveable! So, AndyBooks was established.

In 2001 we began AndyBooks Outreach.  We work through a Pastor named R. Solomon Raj in Andhra Pradesh, India to help widows and orphans. We helped him to establish Jehovah Jireh Ministries in 2003.  We finished building an orphanage in 2010 after almost 2 years of construction – just sending little bits of money as God provided. The orphanage is called “Arms of Love – Home for Children.”  God is good!

We are here to provide in-depth Bible studies and teachings, and a variety of books for all those who desire to study the Word deeply. The most important mission the Lord has given us to do is our outreach work in India.  Most of our profits go to help these dear ones.  Please take your time to look at our site… and don’t forget to check out my photo gallery and the “All Things Andy” section! God bless you!

RIP Anderson! March 1998 – February 2010

Returns Policy

Within 30 days of receipt of your shipment you may return the following items for any reason.

*  Any book in its original condition

*  Any unopened (still in its plastic wrap) CD or DVD

*  Any unopened original products or inspirational gifts

We will replace defective items if you return them and will refund your shipping costs for those items.  We cannot exchange items unless they are defective or damaged or if we recommended something to you that you did not enjoy. We will also refund your shipping costs if the return is the result of our error.  Refunds will be given by the same payment method you used to purchase the item(s). You may also receive a credit if you prefer.

*  Most items are mailed out the next business day via USPS Media Mail.  Some items may take 4-6 weeks to mail.